Thursday, May 31, 2007

Instantiation: Zanshin / Awareness

Creation. Inspiration. Stillness. Movement. Art. Instinct. Thought. First steps. New beginnings. Faith. Hope. Love. Compassion. Life. Pain. Death. Rebirth. Rhythm. Variation. Truth. Spirit. Energy. Breath. Flow. The connection between all things. ...

With your eyes, you see the moment, the expression, and maybe even the patterns. Through your mind's eye, can you look beyond the moment and see the source?

Are you asleep and adrift, or are you awake and aware, seeing the rhythm and flow of all things around you? Can we awaken ourselves? Can we train ourselves to be aware, to feel our connection to the universe around us? Can we tune ourselves to sense the flow?

Is it wrong to seek awareness? Is there value in being awake? Can we affect the flow once we find it, or is it simply enough finally to see it and thus to appreciate it?

I do not know the answers, but I have my suspicions...