Friday, June 22, 2007

Killing the Buddha

How amusing it would be to have followers who chose to emulate aspects of my life in order to understand things as I do!

But how too I would have failed as a teacher to allow that to happen...

The one thing I know well is myself---and it is debatable whether I am a master of even that. Who I am is a combination of nature and nurture, biology and experience, successes and failures, undoubtedly all unique to me. How I see things and how I understand things are equally unique.

I can share with you what I know, but I can only share what I know as I understand it. That may be sufficient for you if you can accept what I have to offer for what it is worth and with all of the attached disclaimers, the most important of which is this: I am as flawed as anyone.

Though we may walk together for awhile, know that both of our objectives are beyond either of us. In the end, follow your own path, wherever it leads you. Walk with me if you like, but don't follow me.

If you meet the Buddha along the road, ....

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