Monday, April 28, 2008

"There Ought to be a Law!"

The ultimate teachings of Aikido, Zen, and other disciplines (including religions) is, in some sense, a universal Emptiness or Nothingness. It is amusing then that we empower and then become slaves to organizations that purport to be the Keepers of Nothing, the authorized Teachers of Nothing, the Certifying Authorities and Graders for Your Understanding of Nothingness, and so forth.

How is it that we become slaves to Somethingness in our pursuit of Nothingness?

AikiWeb has a thread entitled "Who will protect the innocent?" The author cites the politics, the inequities, and the injustices within Aikido's various Temples of Understanding. He suggests that one major organization should step in to police its own.

Here was my response. Hopefully it is relevant to more than just Aikido:
Who will protect the innocent... from what? An organization?

Is to what O'Sensei's Aikido points truly locked in time and space in some permanent form, like a shrine to be tended to by high priests? Who is the guardian of mushin?

It is not the way of Aikido to be bound---physically, mentally, or spiritually. What power can any organization run by man hold over one who practices the Way? What is the true meaning of takemusu?

Wherever you are, whatever your circumstances, be free.

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