Thursday, May 15, 2008

On Writing, "There is nothing to write about writing."

The Meta-Services: Rehashing and repackaging what is known and offering it to you again and again.
  • The Writers write about How To Write.
  • The Bloggers blog about How To Blog.
  • The Self-Help books help you Help Yourself.
  • The Businesses sell How to Do Business.
  • The Rich tell you how easy it is to become Rich.
  • ...

Every day, the "Top Ten Ways to This or That"... "Visit my site to learn the top ten ways to drive traffic to your site" --- how can you not laugh?

They stand in stark contrast to those people and organizations that actually create or actually serve. Does it seem that the ratio of repackagers-to-creators is dramatically on the rise?

Is there really nothing left? Where is the Human Spirit? Have we truly lost our Purpose?

Why are you here, now? Who are you?

Alas, even this post is a sin: What new things have I written here that cannot be found in Ecclesiastes and elsewhere? But if we are to sin, then---whatever your role in this world---go about your business and sin skillfully with the mindful purpose of pointing others toward the Truth.

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Lance said...

Great Post.

At work I've often encountered companies (I won't publicize which ones) that have whole IT "Testing" departments with multi-million dollar budgets but they don't actually DO any testing themselves. Instead they just provide methodologies and tell the project teams HOW to do their own testing (and of course audit their testing).

Both and work and in the general culture we are bereft of true talent, but we are flooded with the knowledge of (supposedly) how to be talented.

I suppose that personally, this could be viewed positively. As long as the world is full of such un-productivity, then it makes my own mediocre usefulness all the more valuable.