Friday, September 5, 2008

Wisdom Seen Elsewhere: Projection

I would not have thee believe in what I say nor trust in what I do -- for my words are naught but thy own thoughts in sound and my deeds thy own hopes in action.
From: Khalil Gibran's The Madman, "My Friend."

We were never sure if Grandma kept fresh batteries in her hearing aids or if she simply turned them down and did not think the conversation was worth re-engaging them. Regardless, when confronted about paying attention to a conversation, she would state simply and emphatically,

"I hear what I want to hear!"

When happy, we see beauty in everything. When angry, we see irritation everywhere. When in love, we see passion. Police see suspicious behavior. Citizens see corruption. Friends see enemies. Zealots see zealots.

When, instead of seeing and hearing clearly, you interpret, what is it that you are really seeing or hearing?

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