Sunday, November 2, 2008

Aikido & "Aversion to Violence"

Ron Ragusa's blog on AikiWeb caught my eye with post "Ninety-Eight," wherein he noted O-Sensei as saying, "Practice the Art of Peace sincerely, and evil thoughts and deeds will naturally disappear." Ron was citing his own observations regarding Aikido's transformative properties, leading practitioners toward a more peaceful lifestyle.

What caught my eye was his own thought, "The idea that Aikido will somehow cause masses of people to behave in a more peaceful manner is a misunderstanding of how Aikido practice engenders an aversion to violence among practitioners."

Can peace come about by fostering an aversion to violence? Is such peace true peace? Can the purpose of sincere practice of a martial art be the fostering any aversion? Ron and I discuss some of these things and others in the comments to his next blog entry, "Ninety-Nine."

I will probably add to those thoughts here, but, for the record, there is the root.

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