Sunday, October 11, 2009

Aikido: Uke, Nage, & Mushin - Still active!

Just a pointer to new readers that the old thread is very slow, but still active.  There's a focus of my personal practice discussed in there, so naturally I'd like to keep the conversation going!

If you're interested in the place where martial arts and Zen practice meet, revisit the thread:

Inexhaustible Things: Aikido: Uke, Nage, and Mushin

and keep tabs on Sword Mountain Aikido and Zen,  where we're working to explore these connections more deeply in practice.

For those martial artists in the Severn, MD 21144 area, Baltimore Zen Center will be running a seminar on the connections between the Tae Kown Do and Zen practices this Saturday 17 October! Visit the BZC website for details.

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