Monday, November 30, 2009

Eliza, is that you?

ELIZA was an early computer program mimicing a session with therapist.  Rudimentary natural language processing on their end meant that you could have some fun on yours.

CyberCoders seems to have the edge on ELIZA for the job hunt.  I've complained in the past that it was clear no person was looking at your resume before the machine scanned it for keywords and emailed you a job description.  Inquiries or complaints via email reply were universally ignored.  I eventually set up an email filter simply to delete anything from them.

Loosening my rules as job hunt pressures increase, I deleted that rule and naturally started receiving some of the same silliness.  Today, though, I received two potential (but not very good) fits.  Replying to each with an attached resume, ostensibly to two different recruiters, I asked for information and openned the opportunity for them to offer me other positions that might be better fits.  Some time later, but just minutes apart, I received identical fill-in-the-blank form responses from each.

ELIZA could be either fun or frustrating, but in the end you had to note that any reaction at all was fruitless---after all, there's no one on the other side.

Well, CyberCoders is in business and I am not.  Maybe someday it would be fun to put my own ELIZA for job hunters out there to compete!  Better yet, maybe someday someone will get the whole selling a service aspect of headhunting down to something actually meaningful.

Nothing but fun!

In the meantime, there are actual people making calls and sending emails.  We'll see how it goes.

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