Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dana: Generosity

When you inhale, does it serve only you, or does it serve all of the universe? When you exhale, does it serve only you, or does it serve all of the universe?

You exhale, you piss, you shit, you ejaculate---the universe consumes it and thrives. When a tree or the sky or the sea does the same, you consume it and thrive.

Everything is like this.

Would you consider not exhaling now for fear that someone, somewhere, who does not in your mind deserve it, might benefit from your breath? Would you consider not inhaling now because, in spite of air being made available to you, you are too proud to accept it from its source?

Everything is also like this.

The sun rises and sets for you alone, it is true, but do you know who you are?

Air, water, sunlight, blood, food, money, ... All of these things cycle and flow. And through our own will, some will hoard and refuse to give, some will share, some will suffer and refuse to accept. At some point though, your body and the bodies of the others will be reclaimed, because they are part of the cycle and flow, too. You will not inhale again. Your heart will not pump again. Your money will not stay in place indefinitely.

But still, you thrive.

The universe is perfect as it is. Every alternative universe is also perfect as it is. But what is the difference between them, between what you want, what you expect, and what you see, what you experience?

Who are you?

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