Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fairfax Zen and The Monster's Shoes

"I'm scared..." I said.

"Of what?" she asked.

"I saw a monster in the hall."

"There's no monster out there!"

"I saw it! Right there! Behind you!"

She spun around 180-degrees, paused, and then again. "I didn't see a monster!"

"It's true! I saw it! It had brown hair, and it went that way!"

She jumped out of the room and ran down the hall in the direction I pointed, came back, and reported still not seeing the monster.

"I'm telling you, it's there right now! You really don't see it? Go take another look; I see it!"  And she did, and standing in the hall she turned to me, opened her mouth to speak, and...

I interrupted: "What color shoes is the monster wearing?!"

She paused.  She smiled.  The six- or seven-year-old brunette looked down toward her feet...


Not bad!  Not bad at all... But she might have seen my own sneakers were white, or even gone a step or two beyond...

No matter---right afterward she giggled, ran up and punched me in the nuts.

There's at least one Zen master in the making at the new Fairfax Zen Group. If you're in the area, you might be the next!

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