Friday, June 18, 2010

Call and Response

"It is all a dream" I heard her whisper as I awoke to the sound of prayer flags on the wind. 

The man looked in the mirror and said, "that's not real", then touched the glass, 'proving' it.

It's not surprising that a return to work leads to a lack of posting, though writing is what I would often prefer to be doing. There is certainly no shortage of material, from the mundane family updates to job updates and workplace experiences, and on to the esoteric musings; however, family updates routinely appear on Facebook, muscular dystrophy-related postings appear routinely on my son's Facebook fan page, poetry and impromptu koan exchanges (like the one above) happen in real-time on Twitter, and my deeper, personal explorations of zen and aikido have been off-loaded to my blog with that specific focus, Sword Mountain Aikido & Zen.

With all of that considered, how many Inexhaustible Things remain?

Life is still challenging. Circumstances still change rapidly from day to day. Friends and family alternately suffer and find bliss. Efforts succeed or fail. I blink my eyes and the kids are older and my hair is more grey. Nothing is new under the sun, but everything continues to change.

So, what is there that can possibly be said?

... Beside this post, of course...

... and whatever I'll write next?


Thalgyur said...

Nice post!

Old 454 said...

I can totally relate to ebb and flow of priorities and foci, especially as they relate to twitter, blogs, etc., vs. work, projects, and soccer practice! I'm told it's all practice.