Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Finding a Teacher

Janet over at Zanshin Art wrote a post that highlighted the distinction between an Aikido teacher an Aikido instructor. This strikes a cord with me, though it is difficult to discern whether it is harmony or dissonance. The best I could do at the time was to table my own question.

Ah well... So, how about a koan?  From the Gateless Gate, Case 26:

Two Monks Rolls Up the Screen

Hogen of Seiryo monastery was about to lecture before dinner when he noticed that the bamboo screen lowered for meditation had not been rolled up. He pointed to it. Two monks arose from the audience and rolled it up. Hogen, observing the physical moment, said: `The state of the first monk is good, not that of the other.'
Mumon's Comment: I want to ask you: Which of those two monks gained and which lost? If any of you has one eye, he will see the failure on the teacher's part. However, I am not discussing gain and loss.

When the screen is rolled up the great sky opens,
Yet the sky is not attuned to Zen.
It is best to forget the great sky
And to retire from every wind.


Anonymous said...

To muddy your waters a bit...I will say that as I use the terms there are actually THREE, not two, things to explore: an instructor, a teacher, and my teacher. {grin}

Unknown said...

You are my teacher, Janet :-)

Anonymous said...

Whoah! Can't take the pressure! :-)