Sunday, December 19, 2010

Expand & Contract

Close & Open.

It's been a while since I've written, but that is not for lack of anything to say. Work, family, friends, hobbies, studies, practices, likes, dislikes, life in general---everything is in constant flux, very fluid.

And sometimes I'm very open with everything, and sometimes I'm reserved. Sometimes I take what I see on the outside, and go inside for a while to consider it for a while before reappearing---maybe with new understanding.

It's no big deal. It's not contrived. It's just life.

With some income restored---and with particular focus on letting my son's social circle expand---we've made a long overdue update to a computer, we'll probably refresh the old phones, and we're setting up all of the ways for everyone to stay in touch as best we can. Facebook, Twitter, text messaging, video conferencing, Skype, voice and text chat, and now I'm even playing with my old Google Voice (formerly Grand Central) account so that people can find me wherever I am. And more often than not these days, I'm looking forward to seeing friends join me in person for conversation once the coffee spot of the day is chosen.

See the new widget on the right? "Wanting Contact?" That's the Google Voice widget. Click it if you like. It should ring back to you and then search for me. If I'm not there, leave a message---then I can find you.

Because it's not just for them; it's for me too. It's time to rebalance, to open and connect.

I'm looking forward to playing with the technology here in general and especially in Zen practices.

Watch for updates. Stay in touch :-)

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