Sunday, April 24, 2011

Diner Zen: Mondays 8-9pm in Ellicott City, MD

Join me at the Double T Diner in Ellicott City, MD (map), on Mondays from 8-9 p.m. for coffee, snacks, and friendly discussion with people interested in Zen and Aikido.

While practice in either art can range from the somewhat public to the deeply personal and private, how it manifests is seen in every moment of our daily lives and interactions.  Whatever the topic of conversation, however mundane or esoteric, the practices are present.  This is the public face of a private journey.

... plus, they have a wide selection of dinners and desserts!

The next classes that we will form will focus on creating a closely-knit family of practitioners with similar objectives, whatever their backgrounds.  For people interested in becoming paying dojo "customers," well, this probably is not for you.  If you'e looking for something a little different, though, take an opportunity to meet the family--and vice versa.

Who knows how many will show on any given day?  Best send a note if you intend on joining me so I can make sure we have table space and so I can tell you how to identify us.

For those on Facebook, here is a link to tomorrow's first invite in their format.