Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Flap Your Arms Harder!"

I came across a group of people standing in a desert, all flapping their arms up and down at their sides, so I paused to watch... After some time, some began to give sideways glances toward one of their own.  He seemed to notice, but was somehow unfazed--he simply kept flapping obliviously. In time though, the others grew into a fury.  There were some words I could not hear, and soon enough the one stopped flapping his arms and walked off alone toward the horizon. I approached the group. "Excuse me, but what happened here?"
"He wasn't flapping hard enough.  This group will never fly with folks like that holding us back..." I nodded in acknowledgement and turned to walk away. "Maybe we just need more people flapping... If you see anyone, will you send them our way?" I waved, not looking back, and I followed the path of the fellow who left.

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