Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Place of Practice

In all aspects of our practice, our place of practice--that which surrounds us--directly reflects every aspect of our true selves.

When we are helpless within our circumstances or if we are only observers of our circumstances, it is revealed in our environment. We see what we like; we see what we do not. We see our preferences; we see our aversions. We find ourselves weighing the cost of making change against the benefit that might be gained. All of this is seeing ourselves.

Sometimes, though, this seeing contains blindspots.  Never separate from our environment, this seeing in the last example includes the belief that we are helpless or the belief that we are only acting as observers; moreover, it continues to feedback into shaping the environment as circumstances change. This can be a paralyzing trap that the environment reveals perfectly, even if we miss it.

When the power of our practice concentrates and expands--"Keep One-Point," "Extend Ki"--the places of our practice reflect it effortlessly. This in turn is seen by all when they encounter themselves in this place and see themselves in its reflection.

Now, look around: What does this space say about you and the power of your practice? Is your energy seen here? Do you see what is missing in your reflection?

Be free in all circumstances, yes, but do not believe you are separate from them.

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