Monday, September 5, 2011

Another Year

I've received the automated notice that--unless I intervene--on 14 September, the domain will be renewed and my credit card will be charged accordingly, allowing for yet another year of opportunities to finally say something meaningful.

I can tell you that, from an occasional peek at the statistics, I may be the site's primary reader; still, there are a few who pay attention or find me in search against my advice to the contrary. A few of those will engage in a conversation or drop by for discussion. A few of those will stay for some practice. One way or another, though, everything is changed--if for no other reason than I am changed.

Ultimately, is Aikido or Zen practice, or anything else in life, any different from this?

Ninindori: Today, I stand still and open my arms. My recollections of my past seize my left; visions of my future seize my right. Am I still free? Aikido and Zen. Mind and Body. I do not know...

The instructor shatters the silence: "Hajime!!!"


* * *

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