Thursday, October 20, 2011

Get Out of Bed!

It's one of those mornings when I can't get out of bed. Someone else's alarm clock woke me up too early, so I lie here... I could get an early start, or maybe I could go back to sleep. I should get out of bed... Have to pee, but the bathroom is over there and it's so warm under these covers... Toothbrush is by the sink, get this taste out of my mouth... What's waiting at the office, I wonder? Did a reply come from that email? My back is sore; it's going to sting if I move... Ugh, have to go downstairs to make my coffee.

Still in bed.

Well, actually I'm no longer there, that first cup of coffee is long gone, and the other issues in between were resolved; still, I wonder: when did I leave there and how did I arrive here? What happened in between?

At some point, I must have figured it out. So, tell me, do you know how to get out of bed?

You'd better come to practice... Details are on the right.

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