Saturday, October 8, 2011

Walking Meditation

Barefoot, circling a well-explored path, slowly, deliberately. Pay full attention to every aspect of one foot descending, making contact with the ground at a single point and then onward toward fully joining, solidly rooting you to the ground.

With full attention to the rear foot now, watch it similarly as it enters the sky.

Again. Again. Again.

It can be so complicated, so easy to stumble, so difficult to perfect... Yet, before you came to this place, it was time to leave for practice; and when you went home to dinner afterward, you left this place behind--effortlessly.

Walking in circles is not even a single step from the central truth of this practice... but can you take a step from the top of the 100-foot pole without it?

We will consider the practice as well as applications in class...

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