Monday, January 2, 2012

2012: Keep One Point

Speech and silence, movement and stillness. Each heartbeat and every breath. All the comings, all the goings. Everything accumulated or found, all that was discarded or lost. Up until this point in your life, what have they served?

Now, you wake up where you are, within your own circumstances. You sense you have a previously determined trajectory and momentum. Welcome to a show already in progress. Now, who are you?

... and what is your destination?

Hold this point knowing you are already there. Now, open your eyes and look around: What matches and what does not? Every thing and every thought. Every sensation and every emotion. Whatever catches your attention: The entire universe presents itself to assist you on this journey. Open doors allow your passage; closed doors seal off wrong paths. Ease of movement reaffirms your choice while obstacles and temptations test your faith. Those who appear to assist you along the way are blessings, while those who depart were meant only to take to this far.

If ever you lose sight of your one point, simply return to it. Your having strayed is an opportunity to sharpen your focus.

Finally, know that if all is lost, all possessions, all relationships, your health, or even your life, then this too was part of something larger--even if you cannot yet comprehend it.

Does it sound difficult? What if I showed you that you already live this way? One might say that where you are now, everything you experience as you encounter the unpredictable events of life, is precisely a reflection of your one point... but maybe you just do not know what point you are holding. Perhaps the point you are holding allows you to shift points as you go. Perhaps the point you hold is "no point." Do you know what it is? If not, perhaps you are holding the point where you are looking for the point... Does it sound silly? Perhaps you hold the point of protecting your own ground...

What is the point? It is your choice...

Once we fully understand the practice of keeping one point, we are ready to find the point that contains every point, including perhaps itself. From there, you may extend yourself to the edges of the universe and beyond.

Join us at Sword Mountain to begin. Your destination is less than one breath from here.

Happy New Year! Let this be the one.

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