Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Heroic Hakama!

Infused with its master's ki, the uniform leapt from the duffel, killed the thief, disposed of the body, and began the arduous journey home. Finally exhausted, it failed to make that last leap from the tree to the high wall and collapsed to the ground below. Hearing the faint call, the master found his old friend and carried him home... 
... or something like that. 

Actually, my uniform was found in a small graveyard of things in which young thieves might find no value, but probably had value to the owners. The stories, meanings, and worth that we apply to the things we perceive are ultimately our own. It's an ongoing challenge to remain aware of the state we are in as we "read the bones."

So, two more things in this theme--make of them what you will:
  1. Does anyone else have a clever caption or story to go with this photo? Bonus points for creativity!
  2. We should consider that If the uniform so desperately wanted to escape and return, perhaps we should put it back into service... ;-)


Rick Matz said...

My kung fu is so powerful, if I so much as warm up I will explode.

Unknown said...

Ha! Love it, Rick :-)