Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Path to Here

Several years ago, I created "ZenStorm" to separate intensive Zen and koan practice from my ordinary life among family, friends, and the office. My pre-ZenStorm personal blog, "Inexhaustible Things," lost some energy as I created and populated "Raising Thought" for the Baltimore Zen Center. Some time afterward, I created Sword Mountain--fencing off my own applied understanding of Zen, primarily through the martial lens of Aikido--detracting yet again from the previous two. And all of that was just the content; naturally there was the living and practice that preceded the content, and then each of the "personalities" obviously required its own social media presence on each and every one of the services to discuss the content with everyone afterward...

It's all very silly, no? Well, no: At the time and in those circumstances, what happened was the obvious path to here, and the entire journey is mapped out through the entries in those three journals. Looking back from here, though, there was clearly a better way--but it could never be seen from anywhere but here.

We awaken precisely where we are.

As divided and dispersed as we feel on arrival, we step off from one point.

So, where to next?

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