Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Right Teacher

I have seen lists such as this before that advise potential martial arts students about what to look for an instructor or a school, and I have seen the debates about the merits of the individual points exhausted. Let's consider this situation from a different view:

How should an instructor deal with a potential student who shows up with such a list of demands?

Put more simply: A student asks, "Show me how not to be bullied." How should the teacher respond?

Tell me!

Do you think you have an answer? What will you do when the student rejects it and insists, "A good teacher could explain it to me in a way that I can understand"?

Your reputation is on the line. Your other students are waiting for your response...


Rick Matz said...

It's a tough thing to empty one's cup. In fact, that is really probably the first test.

If you can't empty your cup then you probably won't achieve much of anything else either.

You go to someone to learn something because presumably they know something you don't. It seems to me in that case you do it their way and learn what they have to teach.

I think the student should put that list away, get with the program or leave.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Rick--and sorry for the delayed response--sick here.

I like your response, but I have a question: Is saying "Empty your cup" simply a method a teacher uses to control his students?