Thursday, March 22, 2012

Within the Nothingness...

... are Inexhaustible Things.

On 31 May 2007, I started my blog "Inexhaustible Things." I was returning to Zen roots through my Aikido practice. It was before my son's diagnosis with muscular dystrophy that summer. It was before I met a Zen master to begin formal koan practice in the autumn. It was before I accepted a layoff from contract work in the winter and began the most harrowing period of introspection in my life, my own "dark night of the soul."

I've closed off that blog and imported the posts to Sword Mountain, adding the tag "InexhaustibleThings" to each. My intention is to release select posts with minimal editing, and to notify you via Google+ as they're posted. In this way I can reassemble the story in one location.

It appears that old posts have their publishing date preserved, so those who would do without the history lesson should not be inconvenienced. For the rest of you, I hope there is benefit.

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