Monday, April 16, 2012

Am I Alone in This ?

I've had several exchanges over the weekend wherein I've heard this sentiment expressed, sometimes using those very words... but not as a question, but rather as a fact: "I feel I'm in this alone." "I'm lonely." "I'm doing this without any help." "Others wouldn't understand."

Exchange after exchange, there it was, clear as day: "I am alone in this." And beyond there, look at how they all behave when they believe it! Look at the angst, the aggravation, the suffering, ... One is alone bearing the burden; the other is alone, locked out from being able to help. One feels removed from a community; others do not want to be a bother. On and on, pulling the thread, finding so many examples... If only one knew that the other was feeling the same.

But wait: Is it really possible that the entire world feels alone? With whom could I even discuss this question?


How can I really be alone when I'm spending all of my time with this idea or feeling that is very much alive? If I become single-minded in seeing Alone, when would I even have the time to see anyone else? Moreover, if I cannot place that sense of aloneness within myself, won't I be prone to seeing it everywhere around me? Have you been introduced to the "Zen mirror"?

Whether it begins in hearing others say they're alone (a concept) or whether it begins with your own sense of loneliness (a feeling), you should take care to identify it and treat it carefully. After all, if you become infected, you see how it can be instantly contagious to everyone around you.

Need help? Remember: Don't Suffer Alone.

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