Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Thought Exercise

Suddenly, an instantaneous flash of amnesia afflicts everyone on Earth, and--for just a moment--you have a glimpse of yourself carrying on with the momentum accumulated the moments before. Only one thing is missing: You have no context; you don't know the why.

Would you be surprised?

How much effort would it take for you to assemble a palatable story that explains the situation you find yourself in? How far removed would that story be from the basic principles of your youth? From common sense? From basic decency? How complex a structure would be required to support what you see? What would you have to believe, and what beliefs would you have had to set aside?

What is the distance between who you are and the you that you see?

Right now, it's mid-morning on a Tuesday. I'm sitting in my living room typing a post. Frankly, it feels quite natural. On an ordinary Tuesday I'd be at the office, but today we have pressing business at the house--no problem. On an ordinary Tuesday, though, I might be hard-pressed to answer about what I saw... still, it would not be very complicated.

So, if you happen to find yourself far from who you are, what do you suppose is the most expedient way back? What would be your next step?

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