Friday, September 21, 2012

Stick or Snake?

What does this have to do with that?
We've addressed this before, but it's worth a second look:

It's an old story: It's late, and you're walking tired and alone along an obscure path deep in the woods. Suddenly a dark wavy thing catches your eye before your foot falls on it. Without a thought, you are startled: "A snake!!!" You leap back; it doesn't move. "Ahhh, a stick!"


This comes up in a lesson about "seeing things as they are." The student inevitably hears the story, develops the idea that this is some practical lesson about remaining in the Here & Now(TM) and developing the clarity to realize on sight the difference between snakes and sticks in the deep woods at night, and then dedicates the next kalpa or two toward attaining this clarity.

Perfect! Well, sort of...

Anyway, today at the office I learned that where once a group of us each had internet access from our own desks, we will soon be limited to having one shared computer at most in the area with access outside the office. It's a matter of corporate policy, cost savings, and everything else I'm told, but given my own situation, this development is troubling. So, I couldn't help but wonder quietly: "Is this the last straw?"

... then I wonder what work I would find next.

If you see any opportunities to put this stuff to good use, do forward them along!

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