Saturday, October 13, 2012

Correct Functioning

Shifting position in bed, my own coughing wakes me--again. "It's too early," I think to myself; "I'm going to wake my wife. I should take some medicine and go downstairs to the couch." Sitting up, I put on my sweatshirt and pajama pants. I pull the extra blanket that fell partially between the footboard and the mattress, and I see the NyQuil on the counter. I put down the blanket and dose myself. I grab the blanket and pass the first bathroom, the second bathroom, and start down the stairs. "I should go to the bathroom before I go back to sleep." I ball up the blanket and put it in the chairlift parked at the bottom of the stairs, then use the third bathroom. Finishing there, I grab the blanket and head for the couch. Now here I am, blanket beside me, waiting for the medicine to kick in...

My body feels broken and my mind is clouding, but it seems there is always something that is correctly functioning.

Maybe it's just the NyQuil talking?

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