Monday, October 8, 2012


Sitting at the conference room table, my mind drifts away to consider two types of realities in which I find myself. Firstly, the table and the walls are solid; there's no simple way for my body to catch up to my imagination, wherever it's gone. Secondly, it could, but it's not... After all, with only minimal effort I really could find myself on the other side of that closed door. With a bit more? Tahiti.

But there I sit... until I'm jolted back: That fellow is lying and my colleagues are eating it up. Surely someone must see it, no? 


"Hey! That fellow is lying!"

"I am offended by your accusation!"

My own contingent turns on me and rushes to assuage hurt feelings.

The flow of millions of dollars per year is determined in no small part by understanding that--in this particular corner of the universe--even feigned offense trumps the weight of so much misspent money...

So, exactly how does a situation like this become reality?

Perhaps a better question: What can you do to change it?

Would you like to learn?

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