Friday, June 21, 2013

By Invitation Only

Approaching you in the hallway, walking in the opposite direction, I offer "Good morning."

What if I offer "Good morning!" with a bright smile?

And if I asked "Good morning?" with some hesitation, might you wonder why your day is off to a less-than-stellar start? Or maybe you wonder what I've heard that you haven't?

Maybe it's more illustrative to ask how you saw the one who asked? Was I a friend, a stranger, or a foe? What if I preemptively tell you that I was greeting my friend walking behind you in the hall.

... or should I point out that we're not actually walking toward each other in a hall right now at all.

I throw the ball; the dog retrieves it. Before I ask if you like being my dog, I'll ask what color was the ball? Before you answer, though, ask yourself "How would a lion respond?"

Are you looking for clever things to say to show that you understand the point? There's no need. The universe constantly invites us to show ourselves and we respond in kind. But what do we invite?

Perhaps today we will invite the very best in each other and in ourselves to step forward and respond.

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