Saturday, June 15, 2013


"Crossroads" via WikiMedia
Live long enough and you will eventually find yourself at the crossroads...

One time, someone asked me to consider the prevalence of bridges in the road system, even between your home and the office. Having spent some of my youth around New York City, I had a fairly certain notion of what a bridge is, so naturally I thought "none." "Think again," I was instructed. "Next time you drive to work, watch for them."

He was right. They were everywhere.  Not the super-sized architectural wonders necessarily, but the nondescript sections of road passing over other roads, streams, and so forth. It's kind of amazing, really.

So, what about the crossroads?

Oh. You were thinking I was talking about something else, yes? Those challenging, major decision points in your life? Actually, I was. Somehow, when I want to describe the feeling that I'm at one of those points in my life, the word "crossroads" and associated images that are attached to that feeling for me appear. Then, if you and I are "on the same page," you get the sense of what I'm communicating, right?.

Back on point. We all find ourselves at the crossroads from time to time. I bet you have several examples, as well as stories from either side: standing there before them and looking back and seeing how your life was effected. I'd bet we could sit back with a bottle to share, exchanging our stories all evening. As the sun rose, we'd concur we'd find more crossroads ahead.

Triggering an imaginary drive from home to the office, I see the more mundane crossroads passing by. I wonder how many there really are, how many I've never noticed before. I don't know that's the safest way to drive though... might miss the exit. It might be more useful to watch for all the signs around us that keep us pointed in the right direction.

* * *

Have you noticed the new tab near the top of the page? Some folks have been asking about "Zen Storm" lately, so I thought to give a little insight so we start on the right foot. It's an eternal work in progress, so watch for updates and let me know your thoughts.

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