Friday, June 18, 2021

Return to the Garden

So engrossed with my company, it would be wrong to say that the rest of the world faded away ~ or that it ever existed at all. Yet there we were, in plain view, neither seeking to be seen nor offering performance, yet center stage in an exhibition of any passerby's own making.

It is not wrong to say that there is bliss found in surrender, but this "bliss" may take many forms including pain, suffering, disgrace, debasement, or humiliation. These forms are only experienced, however, when we fall from the state of complete surrender and its accompanying grace.

To what do you surrender that frees you from yourself?

Where were you before you realized you were naked in the garden and suddenly felt shame?
Alas, you cannot return to the garden ~ the path only takes you further away ~ nor can you never have left in the first place.

Only surrender and know what it is to be neither clothed nor naked.

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